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International News

Step to Humanity Association Commemorates 7th Anniversary with Inaugural Magazine Unveiling

Central Alberta, Canada - November 12, 2023: Step to Humanity Association (STHA), a distinguished charitable organization registered in Canada, celebrated its 7th anniversary with great enthusiasm, culminating in the unveiling of its inaugural magazine titled "STEP TO Humanity." The milestone event was graced by the presence of Dr. Ibrahim Dodo, who presided over the proceedings, and featured keynote speaker Delwar Jahid, Chief Editor and esteemed journalist and academic. Additional addresses were delivered by Vice President Dr. Mujahid Sayed and board directors Moazzem Hussain, Dr. Ekram ul Azim, Masud Rana Sarkar, and Mahfuz Enam.

Dr. Ibrahim Dodo highlighted STHA's significant impact as a beacon of hope for the less fortunate, tirelessly addressing poverty issues, particularly in Asian and African countries. During the magazine's inauguration, he announced it as a landmark achievement for the association and emphasized the strategic plan, which underscores principles such as flexibility, transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, all crucial to the organization's mission.

Moazzem Hussain emphasized the association's commitment as a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan, and international charitable organization based in Canada. Concentrating on various programs, STHA has worked to uplift underprivileged individuals, families, and communities, with a specific focus on regions like Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Hussain proposed the appointment of renowned human rights activist Delwar Jahid as Executive Director during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), attributing specific responsibilities to him.

Dr. Ekram ul Azim urged the organization to progress with initiatives spanning a broad spectrum of activities, aiming to combat poverty, enhance livelihoods, instigate lasting change, and promote self-sufficiency in the communities they serve. This aligns with the gradual implementation of their strategic plan.

Masud Rana Sarkar echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the need to implement the strategic plan as a comprehensive approach to combat poverty, enhance livelihoods, bring about lasting change, and foster self-sufficiency in the communities served by STHA.

Delwar Jahid, Chief Editor of Step to Humanity, expressed pride in taking a significant step forward in the organization's mission. He introduced the readers to the inaugural issue of "Step to Humanity" magazine, highlighting its role as a beacon of hope in a world often marred by division, conflict, and strife.

The combined celebration of Step to Humanity Association's 7th anniversary and the launch of "STEP TO Humanity" magazine exemplifies the organization's unwavering commitment to fostering hope and positive change in communities worldwide.