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Country News


Khirul Ahsan Manik,Comilla, Bangladesh - November 26, 2023:

Yesterday's momentous event, the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network officially launched its humanitarian initiative, "Coastal19," during a general meeting titled "Step to Humanity - Bangladesh." The meeting was presided over by Canadian expatriate journalist and educationist Delwar Jahid, who brought together key figures and experts to strategize on improving the lives of individuals in 19 sub-regional districts. The focus areas include poverty alleviation, education, skilled training, the development of women and children, sanitation, and healthcare.

Delwar Jahid, recently appointed Executive Director of the international charity Step to Humanity Association, commenced the proceedings with an opening speech highlighting the collaboration's origin. He shared that the Step to Humanity Association expressed interest in partnering with the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network earlier this year, forming a special project committee dedicated to aiding the climate change victims of coastal areas in Bangladesh.

Reflecting on his experience, Jahid stated, "Over the past 10-11 months, I've had the privilege to work closely with Step to Humanity Association. On November 12, they entrusted me with the role of Executive Director to work towards improving the fate of the less fortunate in Asia and Africa."

Jahid elaborated on the progress made during this collaboration, emphasizing discussions on various strategic aspects to enhance the quality of life in the 19 sub-regional districts. The proposed initiatives include comprehensive plans to address poverty and illiteracy and provide sanitation and healthcare facilities.

During the meeting, Dr. Anwar Zahid, an eminent writer, researcher, and development planner, served as the main discussant, highlighting the pivotal role of strategic planning in addressing the challenges faced by impoverished communities in Bangladesh, especially those affected by climate change.

Kamrul Hassan, a distinguished sociologist, and former Bangladesh Rural Development Academy director, attended as an honored guest. Dr. Kamrul emphasized the need for a thoughtful and strategic approach to address the sociological intricacies faced by the climate-affected people in the coastal regions of Bangladesh. He rallied behind the necessity of a strong organization recognizing the importance of sociology in addressing the human dimensions of climate change.

Among other discussants were senior journalist Khirul Ahsan Manik (UNB/Comilla), Ali Akbar Masum, executive director of Adhikar Foundation, Nasima Akter, and Ex. Director, BARD, Journalist Md. Sajjad Hossain (BSS), Journalist Shamsul Habib (Jugantor), and participants Asrar Jahid and Evana Kora Hasan.

Journalist Khairul Ahsan stressed the need to find sustainable solutions for the challenges coastal fisherman families face due to climate change. Ali Akbar Masum highlighted the slow and non-sustainable initiatives in climate change-affected areas, calling for a national organization to explore opportunities. Nasima Akter, a former Director of the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, emphasized focusing on women's and children's development.

Journalist Sajjad Hossain emphasized women's health consciousness in disadvantaged groups and appealed to the organization to build awareness. Journalist Habib highlighted the isolation and suffering of people in grasslands (Chor), emphasizing the need for attention and care.

A national executive committee was formed for three years:

Chairman: Dr. Kamrul Hasan

Vice-Chairman: Khairul Ahsan Manik, Ali Akbar Masum

General Secretary: Md. Sajjad Hossain

Joint General Secretary: Shamsul Habib

Finance Secretary: M. Firoz Miah

Member: Ms. Sonia Rahman

Member: Kora Hasan Evana

With the consent of the newly elected executive committee, Dr. Anwar Zahid was appointed Executive Director following the unanimous passing of the Memorandum and articles of association he presented.

The meeting concluded with the announcement that the organization resulting from this collaboration would be named "Step to Humanity - Bangladesh." This signals a concerted effort to bring about positive change and uplift the communities residing in the targeted sub-regional districts.

As the initiative moves forward, the collaborative efforts of the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network and Step to Humanity Association promise to significantly impact the lives of those in need, addressing pressing issues and fostering a path toward a brighter future for the people of Bangladesh.

Introduction program of the new committee of National Journalist Association Comilla

Delwar Jahid, congratulate newly elected JSS Committe of Comilla 

On the afternoon of Friday, November 10, the inaugural gathering of the Comilla District Committee of the National Organisation of Journalists' (JSS) took place at the Deshpriya Restaurant Party Center in Ramghat, Comilla city. Tariqul Islam, the recently elected President of the National Journalist Association Comilla District Committee, delivered an address during the meeting, which was chaired by Shahzada Emran, the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Journalist Association Comilla District Branch and Managing Editor of Daily Us Comilla.

Other notable figures present at the event included Md. Rafiqul Islam, Vice President of Comilla Press Club; Omar Farooqui Tapas, President of Journalist Welfare Council Comilla; Mohammad Ali Farooq, NAP Central Committee General Secretary; Rotarian Abdur Rahman, Joint General Secretary of Shop Owners Association; Mahabub Alam Chapal, Joint General Secretary of Comilla District Sports Association; Imtiaz Ahmed Jitu, General Secretary of Comilla Journalist Union and Editor/Publisher of Daily Ajker Comilla; Khaled Saifullah, Comilla Bureau Chief of Television; Rotarian Ahmed Emon, businessman and Director of Afsu Developers; and Abdur Rahman, District Representative of Dainik Kaler Kantha.

The proceedings were expertly conducted by Md. Shaheen Mia, the General Secretary of the Comilla District Committee of the National Journalist Association. During the event, speakers emphasized that journalism is a responsible and ideal profession, highlighting the importance of truth-telling and standing against injustice and irregularities. They stressed the role of journalists in providing guidance for societal development and national progress, calling for neutrality among journalists and a united front against political influence.

The leaders in journalism urged members of the National Journalist Association to showcase instances of injustice in the media, promoting the construction of a just and virtuous society based on honesty and ideals. The program commenced with a warm welcome extended to the guests by the members of the Comilla District Committee of the National Journalists' Association, presenting flowers and Uttariyas as a gesture of hospitality.

Delwar Jahid, congratulate newly elected Comilla Dist. Committe of National Organization of Journalists

Delwar Jahid, President of Bangladesh North American Journalists Network (Canada), Founder President of National Organization for Journalists (Comilla Unit) and the Past National President of the association, Founder President of Comilla Journalists Union, and President of Comilla Press Club, extended warm congratulations to the newly elected members of the Comilla District Committee of the National Organization of Journalists in a message.

In his message, Delwar Jahid highlighted the growth of journalism in Comilla, with several daily, weekly, and fortnightly newspapers being published, along with news agencies and reporters from Dhaka’s newspapers and TV-electronic media staff. He also mentioned the presence of highly educated and talented young people in the journalism profession.

Delwar Jahid reminisced about the 80s when the National Journalist Association played a strong role in training and demanding local journalists from Teknaf to Tentulia. Comilla’s journalism at that time was bold, constructive, and a focal point of support for all classes of people and a pioneer of the grassroots human rights movement in Bangladesh. He urged strong unity among all professional journalist organizations of Comilla to bring back the lost glory of journalism, despite personal political beliefs.


In a compelling open letter addressed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Delwar Jahid, the President of the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network, has urgently appealed for the voting rights of expatriate Bangladeshis ahead of the January 2024 elections. The letter, which represents the sentiments of one and a half million expatriates and their global well-wishers, emphasizes the need for a free, fair, peaceful, and participatory election in the country.


The expatriate community, deeply concerned about the current state of affairs marked by violence, tension, and uncertainty in Bangladesh, sees the upcoming national elections as a pivotal moment for millions of Bangladeshis to exercise their political choices in governing the country. The letter acknowledges Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's instrumental role in addressing the voting rights of expatriates during the formulation of 'Smart Bangladesh' and highlights the decision made in the 2010 cabinet meeting to grant expatriate Bangladeshis the right to vote in all elections in the country.


The expatriate community respectfully conveys their expectations to the Prime Minister, emphasizing that granting expatriates the opportunity to engage in democracy and vote will not only resolve a longstanding suffrage issue but also showcase Bangladesh's capabilities and global stature. The letter praises Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's commitment to the Smart Bangladesh initiative, aligning with the evolving needs of the country as it strives to become a developed, prosperous, and smart nation.


However, the letter points out the unfortunate denial of equal access to the ballot for 1.3 million remittance fighters in the diaspora during this critical transitional phase in Bangladesh. Despite a national consensus and a groundbreaking resolution to enfranchise them, these expatriates are currently excluded from participating in the electoral process. The letter urges Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take prompt and necessary action on the matter of voting rights for the 13 million remittance fighters, emphasizing that a free, fair, impartial, and participatory election involving all citizens is of utmost importance.


The letter concludes by expressing gratitude for the Prime Minister's attention to this crucial matter and remains hopeful for a positive and inclusive electoral process in Bangladesh. Delwar Jahid, a Canadian expatriate, freedom fighter, writer, researcher, and journalist, signs off as the President of the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network, representing the collective voice of expatriate Bangladeshis. As the January 2024 elections draw nearer, the expatriate community eagerly anticipates a response and action from the government to ensure their voting rights are upheld.


"Step to Humanity Association Wins Gold Certificate as Best Local Charity by Surrey Now-Leader Readers"

In a heartwarming recognition of its humanitarian efforts, Step to Humanity Association (STHA) has been awarded the prestigious gold certificate for the "Best Association in the Local Charity Category" by the readers of the Surrey Now-Leader. The Surrey Now-Leader, a renowned Canadian media outlet serving the communities of Surrey, North Delta, and White Rock in British Columbia, presented this esteemed accolade to the international charity organization.

STHA, a registered charitable organization in Canada under the Societies Act of BC (registration #S0066022) and CRA Registration #750593923RR0001, was founded in 2016 with a dedicated mission to alleviate poverty, primarily focusing on nations in Asia and Africa. Operating as a non-profit entity, STHA transcends political boundaries and international borders to serve the underprivileged, exemplifying a commitment to humanity that knows no bounds.

Throughout its years of operation, STHA has implemented a wide array of programs and services aimed at uplifting individuals, families, and communities, with special attention to countries such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. These multifaceted initiatives encompass youth employment programs, educational support, health and sanitation projects, livelihood enhancement, and emergency relief efforts to address climate-related vulnerabilities. The ultimate goal of STHA is to foster self-sufficiency, create lasting positive change, and reduce poverty in these underserved communities.

The gold certificate from Surrey Now-Leader readers serves as a testament to the exceptional work carried out by Step to Humanity Association and reflects the deep impact it has made on the lives of those it has touched. STHA remains committed to its mission and looks forward to continuing its meaningful contributions to global humanitarian efforts.