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Country News

Introduction program of the new committee of National Journalist Association Comilla

Delwar Jahid, congratulate newly elected JSS Committe of Comilla 

On the afternoon of Friday, November 10, the inaugural gathering of the Comilla District Committee of the National Organisation of Journalists' (JSS) took place at the Deshpriya Restaurant Party Center in Ramghat, Comilla city. Tariqul Islam, the recently elected President of the National Journalist Association Comilla District Committee, delivered an address during the meeting, which was chaired by Shahzada Emran, the General Secretary of the Bangladesh Journalist Association Comilla District Branch and Managing Editor of Daily Us Comilla.

Other notable figures present at the event included Md. Rafiqul Islam, Vice President of Comilla Press Club; Omar Farooqui Tapas, President of Journalist Welfare Council Comilla; Mohammad Ali Farooq, NAP Central Committee General Secretary; Rotarian Abdur Rahman, Joint General Secretary of Shop Owners Association; Mahabub Alam Chapal, Joint General Secretary of Comilla District Sports Association; Imtiaz Ahmed Jitu, General Secretary of Comilla Journalist Union and Editor/Publisher of Daily Ajker Comilla; Khaled Saifullah, Comilla Bureau Chief of Television; Rotarian Ahmed Emon, businessman and Director of Afsu Developers; and Abdur Rahman, District Representative of Dainik Kaler Kantha.

The proceedings were expertly conducted by Md. Shaheen Mia, the General Secretary of the Comilla District Committee of the National Journalist Association. During the event, speakers emphasized that journalism is a responsible and ideal profession, highlighting the importance of truth-telling and standing against injustice and irregularities. They stressed the role of journalists in providing guidance for societal development and national progress, calling for neutrality among journalists and a united front against political influence.

The leaders in journalism urged members of the National Journalist Association to showcase instances of injustice in the media, promoting the construction of a just and virtuous society based on honesty and ideals. The program commenced with a warm welcome extended to the guests by the members of the Comilla District Committee of the National Journalists' Association, presenting flowers and Uttariyas as a gesture of hospitality.

Delwar Jahid, congratulate newly elected Comilla Dist. Committe of National Organization of Journalists

Delwar Jahid, President of Bangladesh North American Journalists Network (Canada), Founder President of National Organization for Journalists (Comilla Unit) and the Past National President of the association, Founder President of Comilla Journalists Union, and President of Comilla Press Club, extended warm congratulations to the newly elected members of the Comilla District Committee of the National Organization of Journalists in a message.

In his message, Delwar Jahid highlighted the growth of journalism in Comilla, with several daily, weekly, and fortnightly newspapers being published, along with news agencies and reporters from Dhaka’s newspapers and TV-electronic media staff. He also mentioned the presence of highly educated and talented young people in the journalism profession.

Delwar Jahid reminisced about the 80s when the National Journalist Association played a strong role in training and demanding local journalists from Teknaf to Tentulia. Comilla’s journalism at that time was bold, constructive, and a focal point of support for all classes of people and a pioneer of the grassroots human rights movement in Bangladesh. He urged strong unity among all professional journalist organizations of Comilla to bring back the lost glory of journalism, despite personal political beliefs.