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Country News

Amoung others the president of BHESA Delwar Jahid, Tomal Islam, Ahsan Ullah, Masud Bhuiyan, Anamur Rahman, Dollin Islam and Mezbaul Islam paid their respect to the martyrs of the language movement. Language veteran Mohammad Siddique Hussain, as well as Hafizur-Rahman, Dr. Mushfiqur Rahman, Tajul Ali (former president of BHESA), Mohd. Zakaria and others joined in.

As principal partner of the program the Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta (BHESA) organized a children's drawing competition and a general discussion about the topic. The paintings of Borno, Shukurnnya, Shaharin, Rahat, Choudhury, Nafisa, and others were honored with a prize. The following discussion was attended by chief guest Mohd. Siddique Hossain and the guests of honor Dr. Nurul Islam, Dr. Hafizur Rahman, Dr. Mushfiqur Rahman, and Mezbaul Islam, presided over by Delwar Jahid. Among others Seaowty Choudhury, Navid Mirza, Roudashi Chowdhury and Nafisa Mirza spoke on the occasion.

In his speech Mohammad Siddiq Hussain recalled the Language Movement of 1952 and his own participation in it. President of BHESA, Delwar Jahid reminded the guardians of all children about the importance to exercise the mother tongue at home, while appreciating the paintings and participation of the children.

BHESA then announced the nominees of its 2015 Ekushey Heritage Awards, who are: Kausar Khondokar (University of MacEwan), Noor Alam (Bangla Bazar), Mohammad Zakaria (former executive of BHESA), and Dr. Moshfiqur Rahman (Univercity of Alberta). The Mahinur Jahid Memorial Foundation (MJMF) followed with its nomination for the Ekushey Youth Awards 2015. Nominated are Sheikh Jalil, journalist and writer (for literature and journalism) and Ahsan Ullah, the former general sectretary of BHESA (for voluntary activities and sports event organization).

Asian News and Views organized foods and light entertainment. BPCA prepared a publication, the International Mother Language Day Magazine, Edition 2015, which has been distributed during the occasion and to connected communities.